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Care home case has stalled slightly, but we have now gained 500 pages of evidence. However, we do not yet have medical records. The records from the care home show an awful lot of what we wanted to know . Initial letter has now gone out and Notice before legal action letter will follow shortly 


The initial letter has gone out and the Notice before legal action letter is going oout this weel, a copy will be posted to MSA and on our website. Summons will go in this month in March.  


Initial letter has gone out, but the case is somewhat more complicated because the contract is actually held in California so we may not be able to proceed. 

We are exploring a private prosecution against Matt Hancock, this will be very costly, but even if it takes a year someone needs to attempt it. We will be a fund raising arm and others will help deal with all litigation   

We will be printing mugs and T-shirts as soon as possible and selling on various online outlets to raise funds for litigation, but we also want to supply other groups on our wavelength with merch they can sell and make some funds from but art work must be supplied. We want to help other groups fund raise and promote their own organisation.   

Thank you for the help financially and feet on the ground at the event back in November.

We are moving forward.

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