We had a great evening. The hall was full and we had around 1200 live stream viewers.

Please find the schedule for the evening below. Please donate if you havent already , we will have some exciting news soon. We are able to now begin mobilising the first case with the care home.

Quick shout out to say thanks to:

Mid Sussex Assembly: midsussexassembly.org

Stand Together : standtogether.org.uk/

Tim Fair Play Now : https://youtu.be/pg9kfNCQErc

ACT Crew


Kate Shemirani Natural nurse in a toxic world

Jacqui Deevoy Film maker, journalist and UNN presenter

Linda Keen Psychologist, councillor and Kathryn Davis’s daughter  

Anna De Buisseret     Lawyer and civil rights campaigner

David Kurten               Leader of the Heritage party and anti-lockdown campaigner

Heiko Khoo                  Chinese social credit system expert and anti-lockdown campaigner

Dominic Moorhouse  Free radical and common law campaigner

Davey Stewart            Founder of Peace Officers UK and freedom fighter

Linda Keen                  Psychologist, councillor and Kathryn Davis’s daughter  

If you can donate: https://www.givesendgo.com/G9CRF

Live stream link below:

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